The concept of massage comes from the ancient Greek word "massein" or "massev", meaning "rub, grope". 
     In ancient Hellas massage is used as means of treatment and hardening soldiers.
New! Anti-cellulit treatment by the newest metod, with Austrian cosmetic STYX
              3 procedures        115 lv.
              5 procedures          180 lv.
            10 procedures         350 lv.
40 lv.   
Massage procedures
Full body massages
60 min.  55lv.   
     - Massage with an individual combination of classical and Oriental techniques which affects muscle tension and everyday stress. This massage will make you feel relaxed, refreshed and ready to meet challenges of each day with a calm mind. 
Full body massage /with hot aromateraputhical oils/
  60 min.  60lv.   
Massage of the back part of the bodyBack massage
 30 min.   45lv.   
      - Aromoteraputical massage on the back, neck, back of your legs and feet, areas in which most felt the fatigue of daily step.
Back massage
Deep tissue massage Therapy with suction cups/includes massage/
60min.  70lv.  40min-32lv 
      -  Warm aromatic oils and deep pressure relieve chronic muscle pain, tension and stiffness in the joints.
        Recommended for our guests, whose priority is the release of accumulated strain in the body of pain and discomfort associated with it.  
Therapy with suction cups/includes massage/        40min-32lv
Reflex feet therapy
25 min.  22 lv.   
      - Well combination of ancient traditions and classical techniques to normalize and improve the functions of the whole body, giving rise to a feeling of harmony and peace.
Anti-cellulitis therapy
40 min.  35lv.   
     - This therapy with special products designed for skin areas with uneven texture accumulated fluids and toxins. 
      It significantly improves the tone, restores the circulation and reduces the occurrence of cellulite in problem areas. Recommended course of therapy.
Anticellulite program "Bodywrapping"
 40 min.  40 lv.   
     - Fast and powerful anti-cellulite effect, reduces weight and activates the metabolism. 
      Activates blood circulation, lymphatic drainage, microcirculation, stimulate the digestive system.
Package     3 procedures       115 lv.
Package     5 procedures       180 lv.
Package  10 procedures        350 lv.
Massage during pregnancy
60 min.   40lv.   
       - Relaxing massage with natural oils which, improves the elasticity of the skin, relieves tension in your back, reduces fatigue in the legs. 
       This massage will increase the balance of emotions and confidence of the future mother.
Body exfoliation therapy 
/with exotic fruit or chocolate/
    30 min.  20lv.       
       - This refreshing treatment begins with exfoliation for whole body that cleans your skin fine surface layer of dead cells. 
       Perfectly combines with full body massage after.
Yumeiho /Japanese manual therapy/ 
   In addition you may wish to relax with a steam bath,or hot tube and massage from our collection of your choice.

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