steam bath                           

      Steam bath is an ancient procedure used by our ancestors in the distant past. Water vapor is spread in a closed room whose temperature can range from 45°C to 55°C while the humidity stays at a 100%. 
     The steam bath is an ancient process used by our ancestors in the distant past.It has a very good effect on the blood supply of the skin, which is reinforced by the thermal irritation, after this procedure the skin feels fresh and youthful.
One visit
15 lv.
Three or more visitors 10 lv. /visitor
Card 5/10 visits
     Combine steam bath with massage bathtub and feel really relaxed and refreshed.
One visit
15 lv.
Card 5/10 visits -10%
* One visit (up to 1 hour)
NEW! Whole body exfoliation  combined                       with steam bath
27 lv.